To donate click on Packages above and choose one. Donations below $10 should be sent manually to info@stormcraft.eu on Paypal.

Welcome to StormCraft EU (https://stormcraft.eu)'s official BuyCraft page.

StormCraft is a Minecraft server started in May 2018 based around claiming islands. Joining this server you will get a unique feel as the server is custom coded and built from scratch by our developer and skilled builders. Survival, trading and a towny-like custom made island claiming system is some of the key elements of this server. 

What will donations be used for?

Donations made here will be spent entirely to improve the server and communication of the community. This include bills for keeping the server online, upgrades of the server to reduce lag and improve stability as well as forum licenses and advertising. 


Unfortunately we do not allow any refunds. So please make sure that you have enough funds to donate. Donations are not mandatory and it will always be free to play on StormCrafts servers.  


At the moment we follow the EULA as we only provide cosmetic perks to our donors. If you donate you will get a custom donor rank IN-Game and on Discord. We currently offer custom islands to be build in the island world for our donors. 

Thank You!

We are happy that you consider donating to our server and community. For information please join our Discord or email us at info@stormcraft.eu.